I’ve been finding passion in documenting my life and others for the past decade. I am a prairie girl gone islander, having recently moved to beautiful Vancouver Island from Calgary with my crazy little family. The inspiration runs thick here — through its land and the people.

I am a lucky momma to an incredible and busy little boy who amazes me every day. I still can’t believe I get to keep him! He teaches me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, and most importantly not to take a day for granted. I am grounded by my incredibly supportive husband who is my guide as well as the one pushing me to find my own path. I have the most amazing friends and family spread from the west coast to the opposite shoreline of this beautiful country. My heart is full.

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by everything around me, places I travel and people I meet. My background as a registered nurse has allowed me to witness and be part of the most memorable days in peoples’ lives; both the beginning and end of life. As a photographer, I am able to capture all of the moments in between. I have experienced great loss in my life as well as pure joys; all of which have allowed me to appreciate the lazy days on the couch and also some grand adventures — I have learned that both are equally as important.

I want to capture your moments and the connection you have with your absolute favourite people in the world. I want you to look at your images and be brought back to that moment in your life — I want you to be reminded of the belly laughs when playing with your toddler, the smell of your newborn baby, or your husband’s rough hands brushing the hair from your face. I like being adventurous and finding crazy beautiful backgrounds for your photos, but I equally love to just hang in and capture those quiet (or loud) everyday moments — those are really what it’s all about. Let’s hang out, your house or mine (just kidding, but we can go play outside somewhere), I’ll bring my camera and some coffees, and we’ll capture this big ol’ love fest of yours!

ang mccabe

Victoria, BC maternity, newborn & wedding photographer. I also love to travel!


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(Photo by Katelyn Fraser)