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        I am a passionate photographer from Victoria, BC Canada. My heart is set on fire when I photograph people who love madly. All types of love — passionate, family, fresh souls, and self love. Myrtle represents love between people, while Moss is symbolic for maternal love.
        I believe dresses are meant to get dirty, shoes to get scuffed or kicked off, and hair to be wind-blown. If this sounds up your alley too, then we’ll get along.
        I am at my best when I am in my element with an incredible couple who are silly, passionate, fun and up for anything.
        My best day is a tossup between marrying the shit out of my husband (we actually eloped, yes I’m a huge fan of that), but it would certainly be tied with the day I welcomed our sweet boy, William, into this big old world.
        I am completely inspired by human connection (I’m also a lover of all animals), and photographing the most raw, genuine emotions— messy, ridiculous, and intimate— is the best gift I can ever give.
        My favourite places in the whole world, besides my cozy house with my crazy little family and fur babies, are: Iceland, Santorini (Greece), and the West and East Coasts of Canada. Places I would die to see and shoot a love story are: Ireland, Zion National Park, San Francisco, Newfoundland, and the Sand Dunes in California (or any sand dunes). If this isn’t a big clue, well then, heck yeah I love to travel and shoot destination weddings.
        In the past couple of years, not only am I so grateful to have shared and captured some of the most important days in people’s lives, but have also been able to share my passion through teaching and inspiring other photographers to do the same.  If you are on my site because you are looking for someone to capture your story, or are a photographer looking for a friend and mentor, or just came to look at pretty photos, welcome!