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        I love nothing more than capturing a couple during their pregnancy then seeing them again in the studio with their fresh little baby. Emilie and Charlie contacted nearing the end of their pregnancy and I am SO happy I was able to capture them before their little one arrived (we actually shot their maternity session the day after Emilie first called me) — some things are just meant to be. We photographed them on the beautiful rocky shoreline in Victoria, BC and coincidentally bumped into a gentleman who was using his drone in the area capturing some nature footage. He said if we didn’t mind him buzzing around, he could certainly take some video of our session! Later that night, the wonderful gentleman sent me a beautiful video — you can see it here (I’ll also post it at the bottom of this blog post) ! For more photos from this beautiful couple’s maternity session, you can visit their blog post.

        I love the name, Jasper — first time I’ve had a baby in the studio with that name! Seriously such a cute little baby boy, and his name is so suiting. His dad is a commercial pilot and his mom also works for an airline… of course we had to have a little airplane in his session!  I can’t wait to have him back in the studio 🙂

        Congrats you two!

        Enjoy 🙂

        myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-1myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-3myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-9 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-10 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-20 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-18 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-11 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-12myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-21myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-28 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-24myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-54 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-53 myrtle-and-moss-photography-jasper-newborn-session-victoria-bc-47


        And here is Jasper’s beautiful parents, patiently awaiting his arrival 🙂